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Vehicles That Are Domiciled Outside Of The Country/Province?

If you own / use vehicles that are domiciled outside of the Country, we offer several insurance solutions to suit your needs.

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Have Your Vehicle Repaired At A Shop Of Your Choosing

No need to "settle" for next available, "volume based" automotive repair facility.  Your high-value insurer recognizes that a quality repair completed at the hands of a skilled craftsman is of utmost importance.  Having access to state of the art equipment, specialized tools and certified tradesman means repair will be done right and on time.

Up To 5 Years Replacement Cost Coverage

You can receive up to 5 years replacement cost coverage for vehicles that are purchased new.  This benefit may also apply to the use of new original manufactures parts and equipment for partial losses.

No Need To Add And Delete Coverage On Seasonal Vehicles

We offer the ability to maintain full coverage on seasonal use automobiles and still realize significant savings without the hassle of reducing and increasing coverage in spring and fall.

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