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Second Home, Cottage, Condominium

Image by Francesca Tosolini

Broad Coverage To Match Your Primary Residence

While most traditional mass market insurance companies typically only offer reduced coverage/perils for secondary / seasonal homes, our high-value policies offer the same best-in-class coverage as you enjoy on your primary residence.

Full Cash Settlement

Offering full replacement cost, cash settlement option for the dwelling, out-buildings and contents without any depreciation.  No requirement to rebuild or repair and no need to replace your contents.  Most other insurers require the homes be rebuilt on the same site, repairs completed and contents to be replaced before they reimburse before replacement cost applies.

Large Modern House with Pool
Image by Bailey Anselme

Increased Limits For Detached Structures

Increased coverage limits are available for large detached garage / shops and high limits of contents.  Coverage is even available for expensive landscaping retaining walls, boathouse, pier, hoist and docks for lake front homes. Many insurance companies will not allow increased limits of for out-structures, and may specifically exclude damage to piers, hoists and docks (in or out of water)

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