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You’ve Got Questions - We’ve Got Answers

Do you charge any additional fees or premiums for the services / policies you offer?

No, Bankers & Traders does not currently charge any additional fees for the services we provide.

What coverage do you offer that my current insurance does not?

While reviewing the policies of our largest competitors, we regularly see restrictive limits to water damage claims (Water is the most common and destructive peril).  Bankers & Traders strives to restore full coverage to Sewer Backup, Overland & Ground Water when/where available.

I am tired of waiting on hold with my current insurance provider to speak with a call center agent who does not know my needs.

Bankers & Traders does not utilize automated telephony systems.  Every representative that answers the phone is licensed and eager to assist.  We encourage a one-on-one agent / client interaction.  In most cases, we know our clients on a "first name" basis.

High Value Insurance policies sound expensive, how do I know I am getting good value?

Insurers that specialize in High Value home and automobile policies tailor their coverages and premiums unlike domestic mass market insurance companies.  Special care is taken to base the rates on the "client" vs. the assts they own.  In many cases the premiums for High Value Risks can be comparable to, or even less than mass market insurers.

Why don't I see any advertisements or commercials about Bankers & Traders?

The answer is simple, we do not advertise, market or solicit for new business. We do not pay referrals fees, nor do we have sales lead generation programs. Bankers & Traders grows via organic referrals from our existing client base of professional and responsible families and business owners.  Our customers are our best advocates.

I heard that dealing directly with an insurance company (Direct model) leads to the lowest rates?

While this seems logical, dealing with direct writers often leads to coverage being overlooked and inflexible underwriting if your needs do not match what is being offered.  Direct Writers want to sell "their product".  Bankers & Traders is a full services broker, we search the market for the best coverage, service, premiums that suit your needs and your lifestyle.  The best value is a policy that meets your needs.

I own multiple properties and automobiles across North America.  I heard you can provide insurance for risks outside of Canada, is that right?

Yes, that is correct.  Bankers & Traders has a unique skillset and ability to be able to write insurance for Canadian residents who own properties across North America and abroad.

I am interested in the coverage and service Bankers & Traders offers, how do I acquire a quote?

Getting a quote from our office is simple and easy.  We ask for copies of all of your current insurance policies, (Home, Auto, even Commercial), a list of all items not currently insured and we ask for photos of all drivers' licenses.  Once we have an opportunity to review everything, we take care of the rest.

Can I keep some of my policies insured elsewhere but still work with Bankers & Traders?

Unfortunately, not. Bankers & Traders has a strict company policy against allowing separation of insured risks.  We believe the practice of using different unrelated insurers increases the risk of having an uninsured loss.

I was referred to your office for insurance but I don't consider my home or autos to be "High Value", can I still get Insurance with Bankers & Traders?

Absolutely, yes!  Regardless of the value of your home or auto, we offer the same reliable service and best-in-class policies (with industry leading insurers) to all responsible families and business owners.

I own 2 homes, 3 cars, 1 watercraft, a motorhome, and a motorcyle, as well as a successful retail store.  Can you handle all of my Insurance needs under one roof?

Yes, Bankers & Traders specializes in a "Portfolio" approach so we can handle all of your insurance needs.  We have a team of intelligent and thorough insurance advisors ready to address all of your questions.  We make every effort to place all of the required insurance with a single insurance company.

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