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How Is High-Value Home Insurance Different From Traditional Mass Market Home Insurance?

High-value home insurance policies are crafted with intelligent and valuable coverages and enhancements to meet the needs of your lifestyle.

Here are some details:

  • Increased policy limits are available in high-value home insurance for money, jewelry, landscaping, personal contents and business-use items

  • Broader perils / coverage for items like fine arts, memorabilia, antiques and wine collections

  • If an insured chooses to rebuild after a loss, coverage is available for increased construction costs after a claim due to bylaw compliance requirements.

  • While most traditional insurance policies limit the amount of coverage available for additional living expenses, our high-value policies offer unlimited additional living expenses on home, condo and renters policies. 

  • Our high-value policies offer full cash, replacement cost settlement options without depreciation for both the home and personal contents in the home (without any requirement to rebuild/repair the dwelling or replace any of the contents)

  • High-value policies include a custom on-site reconstruction cost home appraisal.  All appraisals are performed by highly skilled & trained professionals. These appraisals will used to determine the Insured value of the home and ensure the coverage is sufficient to rebuild the home in the event disaster strikes.

What Makes Bankers & Traders High-Value Home Insurance Different?

Key Features Of Bankers & Traders High-Value Home Insurance:

  • The coverages, deductibles and premiums are custom crafted to your needs and lifestyle

  • You receive specialized claims service by insurance company, adjuster and contractors that understand your lifestyle

  • Ability to increase coverage for furniture, electronics and other valuable contents beyond the insured value of the dwelling

  • Unlimited coverage limits are available in case you have to live elsewhere while repairs are completed for an insured loss

  • Increased personal liability limits are available for eligible clientele (limits in excess of $50M) 

  • Mechanical breakdown coverage is available for critical home components (i.e pumps, compressors, a/c units, etc)

  • Identity theft and fraud coverage is available

  • Water protection coverage options are available for perils including sewer backup, overland water and ground water

  • Coverage is available for valuable collectables / memorabilia

  • Insurance options are available for kidnap, ransom, blackmail, car-jacking, etc.

  • Personal Legal Expense coverage is available

  • Worldwide coverage is available (for eligible clients) for renting automobiles outside of North America

  • Ability to insure high value jewelry and fine arts without having to acquire appraisals

High Value Homeowners Coverage Options And Available Discounts:

  • Full replacement cost cash settlement option is available for the building and contents. The insured is not obligated to rebuild. The client is able to spend the settlement as they wish, even if they choose to rebuild at another location or not to rebuild at all

  • Coverage is worldwide

  • Unlimited additional living expense coverage is available

  • Extra discounts are available when clients choose to schedule jewelry or fine arts items in excess of $25,000

  • (Note: appraisals are not required for items valued less than $50,000)

  • Additional discounts are available for risk where extra security and protective devices measures are in place (For example, backup power generator, automatic water shut off / leak detection device installed, sump pump battery backup, etc.) 

  • Contents extensions are available for goods located at another property. For example, a certain percentage of contents from the primary dwelling can be extended to cover contents at a secondary residence

  • Flexible coverage options are available. (automated pay plans using direct deposit or credit card are available)

  • Clients have the option to tailor the policy limits based on their needs

  • Unlimited bylaw coverage is available

  • Higher limits are available with respect to special limits items. This is geared toward homes with high-value collections and possessions including jewelry, antiques, wine and fine art

  • Umbrella liability coverage is available.

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