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Image by Nathan Dumlao

Not all insurance coverage is the same. Do you have the right one?

One of the insurers we use allows you to determine what your classic is worth and the insurer agrees to insure it for that value. In the event of a total loss, you receive a check for that amount. No hassles.

Standard mass-market insurer’s Stated Value

Standard insurers typically require a recent vehicle appraisal and you have little to no input. In the event of a total loss, this leaves many vehicle owners unable to replace their classic.

If I have a claim, can I repair my car anywhere I want?

In many cases, yes. In the event of a claim with a policy through our High Value classic insurer, you may choose the repair shop you want to fix your vehicle. You may even be allowed to repair the vehicle yourself should you desire.

Image by Yura Khomitskyi
Image by Dawid Zawiła

One of our specialty insurers offer the ability to keep the salvage after a claim

This collectible vehicle insurer is the only market that offers this service, meaning:

  • You can retain salvage of your vehicle in the event of a covered total loss

  • No salvage value will be deducted from your final payment if you choose to retain your vehicle

  • You still receive the vehicle’s Guaranteed Value

  • The cost is 15% of the vehicle’s physical damage premiums

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