Banker and Traders Insurance Brokers

About Bankers & Traders

After more than 45 consecutive years, and three generations of our family, Bankers & Traders has an insatiable desire to be the very best in the industry.

With all of our experience and expertise we strive to provide an answer to what “we” feel clients are really looking for in an Insurance Carrier. Honesty, Integrity, Knowledgeable and Trustworthy, are all words synonymous with our Bankers & Traders and we intend on keeping it that way.

In 2000 Bankers & Traders was launched as a new concept, with a focus on Wealth Protection. We offer superior Home, Auto, and Commercial Insurance Products to families and professionals seeking an independent brokerage that does not compromise insurance coverage and service.

Hand selecting our Insurance Companies we created an offering that is second to none. Contracts with CHUBB Insurance, ING, AVIVA, ENCON and Economical have allowed our clients to take advantage of the very best available. Combined with a Private Insurance Broker dedicated to all of our clients needs, there is no reason to look elsewhere. Our clients are so well known by our staff, that in most cases only first names are required. These close relationships and thorough understanding of our client’s risks, really set us apart from the rest of the industry.